30 Sep

Fluid Freedom-An Intensive Workshop at The Bristol National CI JAM


Fluid Freedom – Alistair Edmunds & Rosalind Holgate-Smith, an intensive at…The BRISTOL NATIONAL JAM

5-7th Oct 2018

Inspired by a sense of fluids we will explore falling, flying and floating, dancing in duets and solos and investigating experiences of freedom.

We would like to facilitate dancers to dive deeper into the embodiment of the fluid system, drawing on our own research and knowledge of BMC and unpicking how this system supports us in CI. We are also interested to explore what it means to experience freedom on physical terms, in contact improvisation and how we consider our embodied experience beyond the dance studio.

We will use body work, movement scores, partner exercises, movement, visualisation and touch, to facilitate an experience of self-discovery within the body and in the dance.

For Everything you need to know about attending the National Jam visit



30 Sep

Dancing Bones-A Somatic Workshop in Experiential Anatomy


To Book Visit https://www.puresound.org.uk/events-1/dancing-bones

30 Sep

Reach Your Peak – A 6 Class Yoga Course


For further information about this course email me rosalindholgatesmith@gmail.com


02 Apr

Yoga in Llanberis


Step into Spring! From 17th April I am excited to be teaching 2 new Yoga Classes beside lake Padarn, in the beautifully renovated Snowdonia WaterSports. It’s got some great views!

24 May

Events, Teaching

Moving Fluids, and Flooding Orgasms 

I’m teaching a workshop at Touch Play this summer… in which we will dive deep into our internal ocean to investigate our fluids. Channeling currents, sensing tides, and allowing fluid orgasms to flood through the visceral fabrics of body and earth. The essence of this work will be to establish a flow through a sense of liquid weight, developing an easeful orientation to gravity. From this ground substance we will explore the dynamics of sharing weight and the diverse interplay between facial, visceral and energetic sensations.  We will work throughout with rituals to witness each other, enhancing awareness of the energies, desires, and sensations that seduce, overwhelm and can take over our dance.

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10 Dec

Christmas Yoga at Caban 2016



Don’t let the mince pies weigh you down, stay, calm, warm and in great form this Christmas with YOGA!

The Christmas Program includes an open level morning class everyday of the week running up to Christmas and a number of evening classes including Yin Yoga, which can be combined as part of The Festive Offer, see below. Classes offer specialised teaching with a maximum of 5 participants per class, booking is therefore essential.



Day 10-11am 6-7.30pm 7-8pm Cost
Fri 16th Dec   Yin Yoga   £14
Mon 19th Dec Yoga     £10
Tues 20th Dec Yoga   Yoga £10
Wed 21st Dec Yoga     £10
Thurs 22nd Dec Yoga     £10
Fri 23rd Dec Yoga Yin Yoga   £10/14
Sat 24th Xmas Eve Yoga

+ XMAS Jam



The Festive Offer

5 Classes : £35

6 Classes : £40

Full Program Pass : £55

Individual Classes: £10    Yin: £14



Yoga – Open Level Class

A conditioning class for fitness and flexibility. Over the week we will strengthen asanas and build a fluid, dynamic vinyasa sequence, developing core strength, strong postural alignment and smooth transitions. Sessions will focus on breathwork, balancing body and mind and supporting movement with fluidity and grace.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a meditative practice, which involves sustaining postures for longer periods to encourage the release of tension. It is a great practice for flexibility and relaxation of body and mind, an ideal way to wind down at the end of the week. Suitable for all levels of experience.


Yoga Xmas Jam (Class 10-11am, Jam until 12 midday)

Following the final class on Christmas Eve we will celebrate with a special Yoga jam; an open space to continue practice, play, experiment and exchange, acroyogis and movers of all kinds welcome.  


Further Information and Bookings: Tel : 07772387737 or Email rosalindholgatesmith@gmail.com

20 Aug

Yoga and Somatic Movement Classes in North Wales



This Autumn I am in residence at Form Pilates Studio, in Brynrefail, North Wales where I am teaching weekly Yoga classes and a number of Somatic Movement workshops.

About the Studio

Located at Caban in Brynrefail, Form Pilates is a unique studio, offering small classes on a ratio of 1:4 instructor to participant. This allows the instructors to offer one to one guidance and tailor exercises to the personal needs of participants. Pricing thus reflects the specialised nature of teaching offered.

Class booking :

Please book all classes direct with Rosalind via email or phone. If you wish to cancel your booking please give 24 hours notice so we can offer your space to another person. We reserve the right to change the timetable.

Weekly Classes :

Yoga Balance.

In this class we will revisit basic yoga asanas, developing core strength, strong postural alignment and smooth transitions between postures. Sessions will focus on breathwork, balancing body and mind and supporting movement with stability and grace. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Yoga Dynamics

This is a dynamic conditioning class for strength, fitness and flexibility. Sessions will include fluid, rotating movement sequences. Intermediate level.



Workshops and Courses:

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a meditative practice which involves sustaining postures for longer periods, to encourage the release and letting go of tension. It is a great practice for flexibility and relaxation of body and mind, an ideal way to wind down at the end of the week. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Somatic Movement

Somatic movement will introduce the practice of moving from sensation.We will work with movement and touch to bring awareness to the body as perceived from within, attending to specific anatomical layers and body systems. Guided movement exercises common to yoga and pilates will support practitioners to develop a deeper, embodied understanding of their anatomy and a flowing personal practice that support their physical needs. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Movement Development: An Introduction

Our Movement Development patterns unfold in utero and during early infancy, forming the building blocks for increasingly complex movements. How we inhabit these patterns as babies shapes our physiological learning, growth and behaviour into adulthood.  Investigation of the developmental process involves focused movement exercises to strengthen and re-pattern the foundations of our movement, freeing tension and creative energy. Study includes theoretical and anatomical aspects, with focus on experiential learning and the embodiment of each stage of development. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Movement Development: The Prevertebral Patterns (Stage 1)

The Introduction to Movement Development offers a precursor to this course of 3 workshops which will investigate the nature of receptive cellular life and our first prevertebral patterns, introducing the navel radiation patterns and oral rooting reflex. Suitable for all levels of experience.

09 Apr

Drawing and Mark Making Residency at Chester Art Centre

Events, Performances

From the Monday 4th- Saturday 9th July, and will be adopting the gallery as my studio, working with movement improvisation, drawing and mark making as an extension of my dance. You are invited to come and see this investigation in action, watch a performance or get involved in a mark making workshop.

Monday-Friday 10-4pm : Gallery Open to the public, please drop by

Friday 7pm : Performance followed by feedback and discussion £5

Saturday 10-12.30pm : Mark-Making Workshop (Open to all ages, children and families welcome) £6/£5

For further information email: rosalindholgatesmith@gmail.com

01 Mar

Uncertain Terrain Presentation


I am presenting and exhibiting works emerging from Uncertain Terrain, a movement research project in which I have been working in a slate quarry in North Wales, together with Documentary Photographer, Janet Ruth Davies. Our approach is informed by Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation and forms part of my MA research in Dance Creative Practice.

The presentation will include an exhibition compromising of stills photography, projection, audio, and me moving and talking and will last approximately 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for feedback and questions.

There will be two presentations, the first in Manchester and the second in London

Sunday 22nd April, 12 midday: Awol Studios, 113 Pollard Street, Manchester, M4 7JA,

Wednesday 25th April, 1.45pm: Studio 6 Trinity Laban Creekside Building, Deptford, London